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What to Know About Earning Money as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping refers to a job where one poses as a client and performs audits at any place money is given in exchange for services or goods. Mystery shoppers are employees of shopping companies working with specific stores, brands, medical offices, and more. Mystery shopping companies pay shoppers for providing feedback on the visited locations with reimbursement for products the shopper purchased.

One applies for mystery shopping and after coming on board, they select an order to complete. One is given instructions of what to look for, visit an establishment as a normal customer and provide feedback regarding their experience with the company. After an assignment is completed, the mystery company issues payments. The amount paid depends on the company one works for, the assignment as well as the location. Since some assignment need that you buy a product which is reimbursed for, you can also end up with free items.

As a mystery shopper, you may be needed to do in-person mystery shopping where you visit a place and audit how a business looks like and its customer service. This task is suitable for places where you can go in a business like a potential customer without being suspected and asking questions that are relevant to your task. You can also be needed to call companies; especially those whose customer service is mainly through phone calls to examine the level of its customer service.

In addition, you can evaluate a company based on Internet-related aspects including social media presence, company website, and online chat customer service. Also, you can conduct a combination of three categories of services; telephone mystery shopping, in-person mystery shopping, and telephone mystery shopping for companies needing to gauge customer service through more platforms.

There are many perks and works available for mystery shoppers since any money spent is reimbursed. You can choose to work with spas and get a free haircut. When evaluating theatres and movies, you watch films of your interest for free. If examining speed, cleanliness as well as the function at bars, you eat and drink for free. If you choose to assess customer care, safety and cleanliness at amusement parks, you visit for free and enjoy other purchases at retail shops inside the park.

When choosing a mystery company, be watchful for scams. Work for reputable companies to avoid being asked for fees in order to become a mystery shopper. Use the internet to your advantage in order to know of reputed mystery companies.

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